Day: November 30, 2015

Line Tiller – Always yet never at work

Today I get to speak to Line Tiller. Line is from Trondheim, Norway and currently living in Barcelona. It is early morning as we speak on this Thursday and the coffee is brewing on the stove.

As a journalist – now for almost 18 years – her work has brought her to more than 45 countries and countless of her stories have been published in magazines and newspapers in her home country Norway. And as a freelancer, she tells me, she is never at work yet always at work. When she travels, sometimes she can’t just not to do something about the place. “There are just a few chances you get to be there” – other times though, she purposely leaves her notebook at home to not be in that work mode. Even when she was part of a newspaper – with her name before the @newspaper as she elaborates – she felt like a freelancer, pitching her own stories. After having worked in this way from New York for 5 years she arrived in Barcelona, Spain in the summer. Today she takes some time to speak to me about the beginning of her work, her current routines and ways in which she collaborates.