Day: January 18, 2016

Forms of remote work

John is sitting at home, in a bright and open kitchen. It is early in the morning and the sun is shining through the big windows. He has a headset on and is speaking on Skype using his laptop computer on the kitchen table in front of him while in the background kids are playing around with in the yard. He observes them through the window but is mostly focusing on the screen, switching between different tabs and programs. Now his screen shows an open email and a just sent smiley face through the company’s chat channel. Receiving the chat, is a woman, also sitting in front of her computer, but instead of morning coffee it is a late afternoon tea for her. Due to a different time zone it is getting late, the sun has already set and it is only the bright­ neon light illuminating her working space. She is about to close the computer, turn off the light of the office and lock the door for the day. But their conference is not yet over. The third person on the line is still talking and sending over more proposals and ideas. He is in a similar time zone as the man at home, yet sitting in a completely different environment: In a coffee shop in a busy district, surrounded by people standing in line to order or reading the newspaper at the table next door.