About Me

About Me

Desktop of a digital nomad

Hello! I am Bettina.

And this will be my desk for the time of this project: Nothing but a few empty notebooks to fill pages with anecdotes and interesting stories, a camera to record it all and a computer and wifi connection to share it with you.






I am a restless traveller in space and interests, an analytical and data-driven enthusiast, a relentless learner, a critical questioner and curious observer, an avid reader and occasional writer, a German obsessed with processes, details and efficiency, an Italian passionate about people, cooking and la dolce vita, a creative problem-solver and a diligent classic guitar student.

After putting all my energy and effort into Camaloon, a growing global brand for design & art on everyday products, I have packed my bags and started a journey to discover South America, to learn to work independently from any location and to gather the curiosity for going back to university.

I am interested in online marketing, entrepreneurship and new forms of work. I love organizations where things happen because of merit and not because of status, where transparency and every individual are valued, a place where you can come in in jeans and a t-shirt and don’t have to iron your blouse and skirt in the morning, a place that gives flexibility to chose the hours and the space and that permits to work in front of the screen but also with people. I am happiest when I help someone and see that he / she accomplishes something, when I discover, see or learn something new, when I meet and interact with people, when we encounter a difficult problem and create a solution.