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Home is where the wifi is

It’s nine in the morning in Nicaragua as Julia greets me over skype with a refreshed ‘Hello’. As soon as the picture from her webcam charges I can see her happy grin, long braided hair, tanned skin, in a hammock. She quickly turns her phone around and shows me that she is indeed sitting in

Live. Work. Adventure – Be unsettled at least for 30 days

Michael and his team at unsettled want to make this lifestyle more accessible and more seamless with our daily lives. Beunsettled – 30 days of co-working retreats with exceptional people in beautiful locations all around the world.

A fictitious startup accelerator

Welcome to the startup accelerator Observing and interviewing different participants in startup accelerators I have felt a sort of isomorphism: Startup accelerators becoming more and more similar, mimicking each other without necessarily questioning the practice and simply applying someone else’s rules like the duration of the program. Over the time it seems a certain set

Learning from others on freelancing and remote work

What can we learn from other freelancers? Often times when sitting at home or in a coffee shop working I wonder how other people are doing it? How do they organize their work days? Do they stick to a certain routine? Are there special places they go to concentrate? Are there any tools they use to be more productive? Do they sometimes feel lonely and seek the companionship of other freelancers as the rise of the co-working spaces in most cities might suggest?

Why do entrepreneurs participate in startup accelerators?

Startup accelerators, no matter where in the world, all offer more a less a standardized program of a little up front investment, office space, contacts to mentors and possible investors and a learning curriculum with workshops, one-on-ones and classes in designated office spaces over the course of three to six months. The investment is not

Family & Friends at DB Accelerator

On Thursday, 11th of February 2016, I was the first speaker to be invited to the Family & Friends event series that was about to be launched at DB Accelerator, in their Mindbox spaces. I was introduced to Onno Szillis, the program manager through a friend who participates as a startup founder in the current born at Startupbootcamp Berlin

Bela Dobos, co-founder at tells me about his experience at Startup Bootcamp in Berlin and about how the company came to be. He says himself that it is a really unique story. As part of the Startupbootcamp 2015 edition focussing on Smart Transportation and Energy, Bela joined, originally from Hungary, joined the batch with his

Learnings from Startup Accelerators

All in all, an accelerator buys a startup time. Time to focus on their product, to understand the customer’s problems, to develop solutions and to craft a plan for the future – it can be a moment to focus on getting the business running. However this time needs to be treasured and treated carefully. For most entrepreneurs it is important to have a top-quality staff, to analyze the startups at the very beginning assessing their needs and to keep the priorities at the top of mind.

Microsoft Venture’s Batch 4 Demo Night: The Spark

It’s five in the afternoon on the 1st of December, another rainy day in Berlin, yet many people have traveled kilometers and kilometers to assist at Microsoft Venture’s Berlin Demo Night #4, titled The Spark. The Microsoft office is located in an old, historical building on one of Germany’s most impressive and important streets, Unter

Startup Accelerators as an Erasmus program for entrepreneurs

As it seems that there are more and more of such programs popping up and growing like mushrooms, structured in a similar way according to the capital and services offered, I have been speaking to many entrepreneurs in different accelerator programs to understand their motives for participating. What brings them from far away for a few ten thousands