Chase Adams talking about watsi

Chase Adams talking about watsi

I love to hear about the stories of other entrepreneurs: what are their problems, what where their troubles were and how they have come out of it? This summer Chase Adams chose to give an alternative talk on the scene of Startup School – choosing not to give a motivational nor informative talk – but the story of watsi on his 999ths day. He wondered will they be a success or one of just the other failures?

It was a very straight-forward, honest talk, I guess one we can all relate to.

Chase Adam talking about at startup school

Watsi is a non-profit crowdfunding platform aiming to provide health care for people around the world who cannot afford to pay it themselves. On watsi you read through different peoples stories and you can chose to help them out with as little as 5$. Chase describes it in a simple sentence: ‘Basically a kickstarter for health care’. As the first non-profit to enter Y Combinator he tells his story. They are finding a way to do good and do well!

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