Characteristics of Culture

Characteristics of Culture

How is the Chilean cultureThe other I wrote about the contingency model by Geert Hofstede describing or characterizing cultures. I told you that I am German and living in Spain and I tried to compare these two cultures with one another. I have just moved from Spain to Chile to participate in the Startup Chile Programme by the Chilean government and I figured that it might be helpful to look at their culture in preparing for my stay.

I hoped once arrived in the country I would be introduced to the culture, to tradition and unwritten rules, but I will find my way on my own. Out of curiosity I went to the country culture comparison site created by Hofstede and his team to see what I am in for.

From what I have seen, read and heard so far about Chile it seems to be a very stable country, stable not only politically and economically but also in society reliability and trustworthiness seem to be important. Through Hofstede’s cultural dimension’s theory, I have also learned that Chile is a rather hierarchical, group-oriented, feminine and structure or rule-based country.

In accordance with Chile’s past, hierarchical structures and low degrees of delegation are still in place. Status symbol materialize these differences in power between the members of society which seem to be rather stuck in their social classes. Like most other South American countries, Chile is a collectivist society. However, with the economical uprising and development of Chile this might change. A Chilean person would not boast about this improvement, as he or she is modest in character. With the feminine culture trait, people look for a “sense of belonging” and for quality in their lives. Close interpersonal relationships are very important. Chileans avoid uncertainty and seek rules and traditions: you will find an elaborate legal system and closely structured lives.

I feel a little bit more prepared now. This is what the change is going to look like for me:

Geert Hofstedes Cultural Dimension Theory

Chile – Spain – Germany

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