Growing to become a good leader

Growing to become a good leader

A leader who the team admires and who inspires the team. Admired in order to be a rolemodel, in order to be looked up to and to inspire to grow. Not to feel important as a leader but to give something to the team, for the team to know that there is always someone in sight and in reach. To be someone the team wants to grow up to be like, to aspire to be like and to know that there is always someone to protect the team, to trust in.

An analyst of the people who with empathy understands their motivations and fears and is able to bring people together to create a team. To bring pieces of a puzzle together, to connect one with another and to give praise and feedback where needed.

A coach who confides completely in the team and that gives each member all the necessary tools to make the goals come true. To give each individual all he or she needs to reach his or her own goals. A coach who stays on the side line and cheers the team on.

An idea giver with a vision to mold the future. Not to worry about today but about tomorrow’s problems and find a solution for the future.

A bird that looks from above, that takes some distance to understand the whole picture and how each variable interplays and interacts. To identify levers and faults, to play with to influence the result.

A teach, a person from whom to learn, a person that creates the space and the possibility for others to grow and who is always available for all of life’s doubts and questions.

A manager who at the same time as demanding results and coordinating processes is able to create a work environment that motives and gives room to creativity, brotherhood and fun.

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