Hacking Education

Hacking Education

At least here in Barcelona, hacking is the new it-word. Everything is hacked from technology to human resources. People look critically at the system, question the long standing rules and become experts in their field crafting their own reality.

Just yesterday I read an article about homeschooling in the USA and Australia – a common practice in remote areas or very religious groups that were not happy with the educational system – and the possibility for creating one’s one education. There is one legendary TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson criticising our current school system and how it kills creativity. He exposes that the system of mass education that we have created suppresses our own innate capacities. Every person is unique in his or her strengths and weaknesses, I think we can all agree on that. So why do we try to teach everybody the same things throughout every country and ages? We are creative from day 1 but educational approaches like the ‘listen and write down’ or ‘learn by heart’ that we are used to in France and Italy, do nothing to encourage this creativity. There are many studies that shown that our education is not fermenting the capacities we need to prosper, as well economically as personally, yet we remain quiet. The talk by Sir Ken Robinson is one of the most watched and downloaded TED Talks and through the responses he says to have received it sure has inspired a great amount of people.

A kid, Logan LaPlante, took up this topic and talked about his experience with home schooling. He chose to leave the traditional school to ‘tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, as he says to CE (collective evolution). His goal in life is to be happy and healthy – something we all can agree upon – and he asks why we are not taught in school. According to him, it is fairly easy to achieve happiness and health, we just need to be taught how to do it. To him, happiness is spending time outside in nature, spending time with his family and constant learning. There are some habits he cultivates that help him achieve this:

Hackschooling Hacking Education TED Talk by Student Logan LaPlante

Even though not in school anymore, his words of advice can be useful for anybody.

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