Linkedin’s ‘If I were 22…’

Linkedin’s ‘If I were 22…’

This one is my favorite from Llinkedin’s ‘If I were 22…’ series and I wanted to share it. Text by Jwala Vedantam:

“If I were 22……..Wow !!!Just the thought itself infuses me with new energy, enthusiasm and zest for life. Of course it also brings-in memories of anxiety and anticipation for the future. American Billionaire T Boone Pickens once said to a graduating class “I hope you realize where you are in life today. You have the best seat in the house. I would trade you everything I have for it”. He says that it’s a bad deal for them in this brilliant article on Linkedin. Why bad deal?, because at 22 you have the field of infinite possibilities in front of you.

How you choose your path and where you invest your time and energy makes those possibilities a reality. If I were 22 again I would choose to invest more time in developing my mindset than learning skill-sets or even certain tool-sets. Learning tools and skills is certainly important to get a job but in the long run one need to invest in developing the right mindset, in other words tuning and training once mind in following areas:

  1. Nurture the curiosity in you: Curiosity to learn, to know, to explore is what keeps the enthusiasm alive in our life. It’s is essential ingredient for us to be able to embrace life.
  2. Seek the change: Being able to adapt to the change is not enough, we need to seek the change and be the change-agent, to improve our life and others too.
  3. Focus on big picture: Don’t see the immediate job as the ultimate destination. Your career will have many jobs and many more designations/roles. Cultivating the habit of remembering that we are much bigger than all the jobs/designations combined can bring us long-term perspective to career choices.
  4. Ask questions: Learn to ask and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Greatest knowledge is given for those who are not afraid to ask. Make sure we ask with the earning to learn.
  5. Dream big: Don’t put rational breaks on your dreams. Albert Einstein once said “Person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”
  6. Be grateful: Count your blessings. Being grateful brings abundance in life as famous spiritual guide and humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar once said “If you sow a seed, it will grow. If the seed itself is lack, then lack is what grows. In gratefulness, everything that supports life grows”.
  7. Choose to be happy: We heard it from many wise men that happiness is a choice and we can choose it. Many scientific studies – as mentioned in this good HuffingtonPost article – agree that it is a choice and we can practice choosing it every time.

I know that life has many things to offer us even bigger and better things than we ever imagined. To give you an example, I would like to mention a small but significant memory in my life. I was in my teenage years growing up in a remote village in south India. This village was so remote that we had no electricity, no roads and no running water at that time. I remember reading a travel article in a local magazine by a writer who visited USA. The article went on describing amazing high-rise buildings, long highways and clean parks with lots of pictures in there. I distinctly remember cutting those pictures to save because I would never get a chance to see those in real life. As you might have rightly guessed by now, in less than 15 years, I got an opportunity to come and live in USA. I made sure that I visit all those places mentioned in that article. It may sound like a small thing but it’s a miracle for that teenage boy growing up in that remote village to have such an opportunity in life.

Let’s keep dreaming, grateful and be happy to receive great things that life may unfold for us. That is the path to have winner’s mindset. What do you say?”

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