Finding your photo in the newspaper

Finding your photo in the newspaper

This morning, I woke up at the usual time, had breakfast and left the house, just like any other Monday but then when I got to the newspaper stand I had a great surprise. La Tercera – the biggest newspaper in the country – had dedicated a whole article about me and our startup. I had spoken to a journalist the week before but expected a three line short mention instead of this! During the day, my phone rang with people congratulating me on it, asking about the company, offering me a job (?) and some even wanting to buy our products!

Just like on the day of presenting the startup to a wide audience at Startup Chile, on the day the article was published we saw a peak in traffic. It’s great that our site in chilean is still very small and has a rather steady flow in traffic, so we can really measure the impact of these actions. I was invited to speak on a podcast and the other important newspaper of the country called me for another article. It seems like this has opened some great doors for us! Public relations are important and probably even more so in countries that are not yet as digitalized as the United States of America or some European countries. Here in Chile it seems, the voice of the press has an influence and as I have noticed on so many occasions, everything moves in circles. It seems like with this mention we have received an ‘approval’ by La Tercera. A stamp saying that we are alright, a growing company one can do business with.

I will focus more on Public Relation, trying to establish a relationship with one journalist, then two, then three. In the end, they are always looking out for a new story to tell and if we can provide them something interesting, they’ll be more than happy to publish it!

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