Growing to become a good leader

A leader who the team admires and who inspires the team. Admired in order to be a rolemodel, in order to be looked up to and to inspire to grow. Not to feel important as a leader but to give something to the team, for the team to know that there is always someone in

Engineers engineering an engineering culture?

Waking up early in the morning with the desire to go to work, spending most of the waking hours in the office developing complex technologies and thinking of possible solutions even in dreams – A complete merging of professional and private life and the job as a crucial part of one’s identity can, according to Gideon Kunda, be the result of normative control.

About yoga and entrepreneurship

You have already read a lot about me. You have learned that I am an entrepreneur and now I am going to tell you that I also practice yoga. Apparently these two come fairly often in pair – I recently read that “there’s a 20 percent chance you’ve tried a startup, a 40 percent chance you’ve

Finding your photo in the newspaper

This morning, I woke up at the usual time, had breakfast and left the house, just like any other Monday but then when I got to the newspaper stand I had a great surprise. La Tercera – the biggest newspaper in the country – had dedicated a whole article about me and our startup. I

Lessons learned from childhood

Yesterday I was asked what I have learned during childhood and if there is anything that still stuck with me. I believe, Yes, everything! Those young years formed us for our lives and have shaped who we are today. Without a past there is no present. Yesterday I was walking through Cajón del Maipo, stepping

Facilitating a place for community

Yesterday morning at dawn before going out for a hike I was preparing a tortilla, I made a cake and I had made bread the night before and it’s a recurring theme, I have been dreaming so many times of having a little cafe or bakery. A place other’s would call their second home, a

Linkedin’s ‘If I were 22…’

This one is my favorite from Llinkedin’s ‘If I were 22…’ series and I wanted to share it. Text by Jwala Vedantam: “If I were 22……..Wow !!!Just the thought itself infuses me with new energy, enthusiasm and zest for life. Of course it also brings-in memories of anxiety and anticipation for the future. American Billionaire

Doing business in Chile

What I love most here in Chile are the people, blossoming relationship and their idea of ‘The friends of my friends are my friends’ (los amigos de mis amigos son mis amigos’) but I realized just now that this also means that if you do not have one friend here, it will be hard to

Interrupt yourself

In the last two months, I have been working by myself without interruptions. At first I was convinced this was a good thing – no interruptions for hours on end – I felt so productive and thought I could ‘get so much done’. But in the end, I found myself tiring very quickly and actively