Setting up a marketing department

How have you set up your marketing department? Do you include Sales? How do you manage Customer Support? This last few months we have changed a lot in our marketing structure and thinking about this process I am confident that our structure with a troika of Acquisition, Brand and Support is a healthy, well founded

Empathy in Marketing

We come up with the most elaborated segmentation based on marital status, youtube view preferences and visited urls on our site, the most complex CRM automatic,,,,,, and the highly complex retargeting strategies but sometimes what we miss is Empathy. It’s probably the most simple, yet underlying, principle of marketing. To be empathic, to feel with

The art of lying

I have a confession to make: I am a liar. I look at you innocently, with big round eyes and endless smiles but sometimes I distort reality.  This morning in a job interview I inflated the awesomeness of working with us, our internal communication, our team work. I painted a rosy picture. I did it

My desk today
Talking about Branding

What makes your company or product stand out? How do you differentiate your product from the rest offering more or less the same service? Which emotions or sensations to you want your customers to feel and associate to you? This week has been about ‘Branding‘ and creating a personality and experience around your product. I’ve had

What would you do if you could change the world?

My second speech at Toastmasters International with the aim to structure clearly: “Jim asked me last week what I would do if I could change the world and I’ve been thinking about this for some time. What would you do if you could change the world? Actually I believe that we can already change it. I can

Finally arriving
Intercultural communication

As a German in Spain I feel like I am the most precise, punctual and reliable, when I am back home though people characterise me as spontaneous, volatile and non-committal. Here in Spain when playing pingpong or table football I am almost always singled out as the competitive one, whereas at home I am with

Buying Experience and Loyalty

You are acquiring new visitors and converting them into user with reasonable time and effort – That’s great! But are you binding your customers to your company? Are they loyal and do they come back? Metrics such as Loyalty, Churn, Retention or your user’s lifetime value measure exactly this: Are you achieving to maintain your

The paralysis of choice

We are told and believe that the way to maximize freedom is to maximize choice. In fact, every where we look, life is a matter of choices. It starts with your school, the major and minor we choose in college, our partners in life and expands to little things like health insurance plans, salad dressings