Startup Chile

A day at Startup Chile

What do we do all day long at startup Chile? How is it to work next to people from all around the world? Why do we share our knowledge? A short video explaining the Startup Chile Programme and the success it has had over the last years:  

DemoDays at Startup Chile

It’s July, we are halfway through the program at Startup Chile and DemoDays are coming up! In order to select the 15 best startups to present of every generation, startup chile has put in place a selection process consisting of pitch sessions. Just like the world cup we go through a qualification round, quarter finals

My Startup Chile Experience (Part 2)

In only a week, I have spent three months in Chile participating in the government funded Startup Chile acceleration program. It’s been three very exciting months filled with new experiences, both professionally and personally. We’ve all gone through the first days of Orientation, endured the first pitch session in front of our generation and have

PitchDays are coming up

At Startup Chile the calendar is paced by different Pitch Days: A week after you arrive, you’ll present your project to all of your generation, after a month you’ll speak in front of a larger audience in a more official environment and after three months the Demo Day selection starts. All of those dates are mandatory

Orientation Days

Only a week has gone by but all the new experiences and encounters make it seem like a month.  I have arrived in Santiago and am taking part in the Startup Chile acceleration program organized by the Chilean government. This week has been the introduction to the program and during the last two days we’ve

First days in Chile

I have arrived in Santiago a couple of days ago but so much has happened that it seems to have been a month. The Startup Chile programme started, I’ve met my fellow participants and I am exploring the city. We spent the first days of the programme in classes to learn about the social involvement,

Startup Video pitch for SUP 2014

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the application process for the Startup Chile Incubation program and now I wanted to show you our video:

The application process at Startup Chile

We’ve made, we have been selected for the Startup Chile Generation 9 (SUP) program but nevertheless I like to look back to see what we’ve been doing so far. It was a very interesting application process, with great questions that helped us sort our mission out as well! Our list of To Dos Set up

Preparing for Startup Chile

Only two months to go till the start of the Startup Chile program in Santiago! It’s time to prepare ourselves to leave everything here and to setup a new abroad. It’s an exciting step and the organization team is really helping us out. We are starting to get in touch with the other participants, companies

Pros and Cons of Startup Life

Speaking about working in a startup, there are always a lot of critics. What do you like most about working in a startup environment? I think for me it is the promise of growth and the broad vision one gets of a complete company. When my corporate friends wonder what I am doing working at