The Project

The Project

The Startup Experience is a place of thought for Bettina: Gathering ideas and reflections about startup-up culture, online marketing and the development of all team members. The Startup Experience is about getting started, figuring out the fitting acquisition channels for your product, getting together the most talented and motivated individuals and together growing into a strong organization.

Portraits of Digital Nomads

The Digital Nomad Project was born as part of my Master thesis in Culture, Organizations & Management at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam but it has actually been forming in my head for a very long time. While I was working as freelance myself and traveling to different places, I asked myself all kind of questions of Why I was doing it? How it was working out? and also about the ways in which I was relating to my client companies.

So far I have been busy looking at ‘conventional’ ways of work, going into the office, into an existing team and decision making in the traditional way but now I would like to start interviewing people who have a different work style in order to come closer to what the term ‘digital nomad’ could mean. I take it to mean a person who works remotely and online – someone who can add value from any place in the world solely with a wifi connection.

One can only decide for yourself if you are a Digital Nomad. I have spoken to people who working from their home in the town they grew up in say they are nomadic because they do not have a fixed work desk but rather move from one project to the next – so a nomad in content sense – and also to people who are travelling the world earning money with affiliate networks on their blog – so a spacial nomads. I am looking forward to meeting many more digital nomadic lifestyles in the future.

The Digital Nomad Project is an academic project but I would like the person interviewed to benefit from it as well and the whole to be transparent and accessible for all. The interview questions concern the life of the person, how they came to work in this way, the reactions they face in the environment, the usual day or routines of work, the pressures or obstacles that might be there. I ask: What is performance? How is work evaluated? How is the connection to a client made and kept up? What are the dependencies and the strategies of connecting with the client company? What meaning does work life balance gain?

My idea is to turn this site into a ‘Medium’ style blog with different life stories – for pleasure, inspiration and for personal learning. For me, academically, these interviews serve as empirical base for my analysis of the phenomenon of digital nomads.

This is an evolving project so if you are interested in participating or contributing in any other way, please reach out to me.

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