A new start

A new start

A new journey begins for me as I will be travelling all through Latin America from the far south of Patagonia to the beautiful, white sand beaches on the Caribbean all the while experimenting with a new life style: being a digital nomad.

If you ask around, you’ll get diverse definitions but the one I like the most is about leveraging the potential of modern technology to create a life not bound by location. I have lived in different countries over the last years, starting in college, but this is a whole new game-set with living outside of a small backpack, sharing from dormbed and shower to a workspace in a coffeeshop and not being able to plan ahead most of the time.

This last part is the hardest for me, I believe, and I try to get as much structure as possible. I will continue working and learning in online marketing all the while experience a new culture and seeing some different every day. A new adventure begins, and I am looking forward to it!

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