A Review & Introduction

A Review & Introduction

It has been a year since I wrote about working independently and remotely, for different startups all the while travelling. In October 2014 I was in Santiago, Chile’s capital, and packed my bag containing my photo camera, a computer, a green notebook and some clothes to start a road through Latin America that I had dreamed about for many, many years.

After one year on the road

Since then I have seen fifteen countries, had countless impactful encounters with fellow travellers and locals and grew professionally from working with various startups, different problems and facing new communicative challenges. I set up a company and reached out to other startups in order to offer my services of online marketing. My work was as interesting as it had been before, when focussing on growing Camaloon, but now a new layer of adventure was added. I got up early at dawn, worked a few hours and then spent the day outside, exploring my new surroundings, hiking in the Andes, surfing in the Pacific or taking a nap and reading in a hammock and when the sun set I found a new spot to open my computer and connect to my professional work. I lived in hostels, sharing dorm and shower and stayed from two days up to two months in one place. Whenever I felt like moving, I closed the zipper of my bag and hopped on the next bus.

I truly enjoyed this lifestyle – I slept deeply, moved my body a lot during the day and kept my mind busy thinking about business and cultural situations. Now I am curious to see how other people are living this life. I dedicate this blog to portraying people who work remotely and online: Digital nomads.

Instead of asking myself what this phenomenon entails, how it structures and also limits lives, how it creates opportunities for some and keeps out others, I let other people speak. Each portrait is an interview with a different individual telling his or her life story, past choices and future dreams.

I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did writing. I am looking forward to many coffees with digital nomads!

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