Advice from Rand Fishkin

Advice from Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is famous for his talks about marketing, customer acquisition and metrics or measurements, but I found some other good speech by him on basic principles. Underlying rules we should always keep in mind. Everyday!

– Never forget you’re building a brand

Whatever you are doing, it has to transmit one clear message. You are creating a brand. All onpage content, PR work and even display campaigns need to focus on the same message and values. Does your team have this in mind? Is everybody in your organisation using the same words, colours and emotions to paint the picture of your brand?

– Understand your acquisition and retention funnel

Traffic is great and a marketing structure set up by channels is surely productive – but do you see what lies beneath it? Find out what kind of users each channel brings, which channel has the best retention and conversion and how users are moving from one channel to the next. Facebook might not bring the most traffic to your site but maybe your most valuable customers are also your most engaged fans. Look in depth at each channel and understand how one works with the other.

– Hire experts who are also doing great stuff in their free time

The hiring decisions you make, influence your success as a whole company very strongly. Especially in small organisation a new hire has a huge impact and implies a big change: a great opportunity but also a high risk. Yes, you need experts in their fields. But you also need passionate people, who will obsess over their work, who are autonomous and highly creative. A good way of finding these rare individuals is by looking at what they are doing in their spare time.

– Content marketing isn’t just about attracting customers

Write the content on your site not with the sole purpose of engaging and convincing prospective customers, but also in order to appeal to influencers. Your ambassadors. Your content should reach important people who then in turn will have an impact on your future customers.


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