New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolution

Are you starting the New Year with resolutions? Less alcohol, more sport? Less chocolate, more veggies? I just stumbled upon this great infographic by Founders and Founders visualizing habits that will make you more productive. I will take this as my New Year’s Resolution. I don’t want to follow every step or habit of being a more efficient person, but I do want to give it a try and see what works for me.

Some sound a bit absurd like wearing the same outfit everyday but others do make sense: A little notebook to drop all the ideas that you can’t use right now, Focussing on what matters instead of tons of little details, finishing things instead of making them perfect. No news so far, but it’s a good reminder to think about our daily lives.

Infographic about habits of efficient people


I am relieved to see that there are even some habits that I have already taken up. Some things to tick off my list! Go 2014!

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