Startup Accelerators

Startup Accelerators

Startup Accelerators are popping up everywhere: Corporates, Venture Capitalists and even NGOs are opening up accelerator or incubator programs to attract innovative startups and give them ahead start in the world.

Startup Accelerators in Berlin

Over the past weeks I have been speaking with a lot of different people about this phenomenon of Startup Accelerators, I have attended various Demo Days and read countless blogs to see what is going on. What are the reasons for a young startup to give up a fair share of equity for little amount of capital? Why do experienced professionals flock to these programs to give advice and mentorship? And what are their experiences like? What do startups get out of it, are mentors satisfied with their realm of influence and what taste remains with the organizers of such an accelerator?

I would thus like to dedicate a part of this blog to startup accelerator and especially to those that are in Berlin, giving a summary of the landscape, sharing the conversations I have held with mentors, startups and staff members and of course also writing down my own thoughts on the events and experiences.

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