DemoDays at Startup Chile

DemoDays at Startup Chile

It’s July, we are halfway through the program at Startup Chile and DemoDays are coming up! In order to select the 15 best startups to present of every generation, startup chile has put in place a selection process consisting of pitch sessions. Just like the world cup we go through a qualification round, quarter finals and semi finals in order to arrive at the DemoDay on July 31st.

Our group started last week with the selection process holding pitch sessions in the main room at our office. There were around 100 people present and every startup took the stage for about three minutes to talk about their product, their business model and the team. It was the time to see progress in every project and it was impressive to see how far some startups had come and how much some ideas had changed.

Startup Chile Demoday

Other than fellow suppers and curious people from outside, Startup Chile had invited a jury of four judges to evaluate the pitches and projects. From the 100 startups, 32 were selected for the next round of Semi Finals that will be held in the next week in a closed setting. There the same criteria apply: A three minute presentation about the Product or Service, the Team and the Progress.

I am preparing my pitch right now and decided to add a little story at the end after having spoken about our qualities:

differentiating factors for camaloon

“To illustrate the impact Camaloon has, I would like to tell you the story of Paula. She is an artist from Chile but unable to find work in her field, she took a job that would pay the bills and continued to draw at night. In order to share her passion, she set up a blog and a facebook page. Her audience grew quickly. On Camaloon she has found a way to monetize this community and her fame has increased substantially over the last months. Like Paula, there are many illustrators.

At Camaloon we are on a journey to change the world of illustration, enabling artists all around the globe to bring their designs on products in an easy, straight-forward and very autonomous way.

camaloon be noticed

Camaloon helps artists stand out and brings art lovers unique products.

Camaloon. Be Noticed.”

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