Orientation Days

Orientation Days

Only a week has gone by but all the new experiences and encounters make it seem like a month. 

I have arrived in Santiago and am taking part in the Startup Chile acceleration program organized by the Chilean government. This week has been the introduction to the program and during the last two days we’ve had the chance to take a glance at each others projects.

Walk up the round staircase to the first floor and you’ll find groups of people standing around chatting excitedly, showing each other news on their phones, signing their name to check in or just setting up meetings for lunch. It’s a somewhat excited atmosphere, people move around quickly and talk loudly. You will hear some Spanish, a lot English and if you linger a bit longer, even Hindi, German and Portuguese.

Orientation Days at Startup Chile Intro Days at Startup Chile

Walk a bit further, around the corner and you will dive into a completely different atmosphere. A big wide space flooded with light opens up to you, a room filled with desks and chairs and sofas and huge beanbags on the floor. Flooded with light, silence and people. They have found a place to sit and work anywhere: Some are sitting together in groups brainstorming, others are working individually at the desks facing the park outside, some are sitting on the couch notebook on their knees and others have made themselves at home on the floor. Most heads are buried deep into their computer screens, they seem oblivious to what is going on around them.

Continue the stroll around the office and behind the next door you will find a group of people listening intently to a speaker. It’s Tuesday: Time for the Startup Academy in which any Supper can participate and share his knowledge with the rest of the group.

Startup Chile has created a great environment to ferment entrepreneurship and learning. Each person that enters the ecosystem and the big open space office has a different story to tell. I’ve met artists, biologists, psychologists, lawyers and straightforward economists from different parts of the world and of all ages.

The introduction days are over and now the real work starts. We’ve learned how Startup Chile was created, what is expected from us and what we can expect from this experience. Other than sitting in classes, we’ve had time to get to know each other and to gather in groups (or tribes) of interests. The ground stone has been set for us to make the best out of this experience!

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