PitchDays are coming up

PitchDays are coming up

At Startup Chile the calendar is paced by different Pitch Days: A week after you arrive, you’ll present your project to all of your generation, after a month you’ll speak in front of a larger audience in a more official environment and after three months the Demo Day selection starts. All of those dates are mandatory and it is a great way for all of your peers to come together and to see what everyone else is working on! There are so many different projects, that it is impossible to remember what everybody does and as startups evolve and pivot, there is always a surprise at Pitch Days!

Throughout the program duration some projects will decide to move to another part of the country, others will travel because that’s what their project is about and a big part of the group will not be working from the same office so that it is always good to have a time to get together and see the progress of the other companies. At the first pitch Days – the Intro Days – you’ll be first exposed to the wide range of SUP Projects: From medical solutions, to foodie apps and physical product distributions almost all industries are represented!

Startup Chile pitching

What does Startup Chile look for in a Pitch Day presentation? They want to see you and how you are advancing with your company. The main focus for the evaluation will be on your delivery of the pitch, on the team that constitute your project, on the business plan or the progress you are making and on your product or service. Most times, you’ll be asked to answer different questions:

  • Problem: Why is this an issue for consumers?
  • Solution: How are you solving this problem?
  • Market: How big is the market you are targeting?
  • Competition: Who are you competitors and how are you different?
  • Team: Why is your team qualified to succeed?
  • Advancement: What stage are you at?

After the first month, you’ll have the first official Pitch Days where all projects present themselves in a time of 3 minutes. Other than the fellow suppers, a jury of investors and former Startup Chile entrepreneurs will be present. You will be evaluated on the above mentioned criteria and the best 20% of the projects will be selected to participate in the Highway acceleration (Mentorship) program. The last opportunity to present your startup is at the Demo Days – as not everybody gets to pitch in front of the selected audience of more than 400 people (investors, journalists, other entrepreneurs, university scholars…), Startup Chile selects the projects through Quarter and Semi Finals held in the weeks before Demo Day.

This wee, Generation 9’s Pitch Days and selection for the Highway Programs are coming up. Good luck!

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