Preparing for Startup Chile

Preparing for Startup Chile

Only two months to go till the start of the Startup Chile program in Santiago! It’s time to prepare ourselves to leave everything here and to setup a new abroad. It’s an exciting step and the organization team is really helping us out.

We are starting to get in touch with the other participants, companies from over 28 countries and even more surprisingly to me from all kinds of businesses. Looking through their websites I stumbled upon medical app, SAAS, softwares, eCommerces and a lot of products from the ‘Internet of things’. Agricultural and medical sensors that connected to their app help monitoring and decision making. I am sure that it is going to be a great learning experience! All together we form the 9th generation of startups to pass through the offices at La Moneda.

I read that the most represented nationalities will be the United States and Chile, India, Argentina, Spain and Brazil and that even  though I was surprised about the variety, most startups are dedicated to eCommerces or Software solutions.

After the initial euphoria has passed, we are starting to organise ourselves:

  • Applying for the residency visa and getting all documents like medical certificates, police documentations…
  • Searching for the best medical insurance to cover all possible cases
  • Looking for housing in Santiago
  • Connecting with the other startups and
  • Contacting our assigned Padrinos and Sponsors (other entrepreneurs who will help us get started and on board in Chile).

Now it is summer in Chile and most people take the time off in January and February, for us this means that once we arrive everything starts anew again and that there won’t be any summer pause like we are used to in Europe in July and August. After the bureaucratic hurdles are made, we can start working!

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