Experimenting with bread

Experimenting with bread

Experiment with bread baking

In the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with bread baking. I love to bake and have done so for a couple of years – I tried different kinds of bread and different types or preparation (oven vs. pan). This time though, I wanted to find an easy to bake bread that I could do while working. A bread that would be fluffy even without working too much on it or letting it rise too many hours.

Playing around with different ingredients I stumbled upon the great power of yoghurt! The bacteria will really help getting the best out of your dough. So after discovering yoghurt and its power in combination with yeast, I reduced the ingredients to a minimum. So here you have it:

  • 300g of Flour
  • 300ml of Yoghurt
  • A tablespoon of salt
  • 42g of yeast
  • And a bit of warm water to melt the yeast

is all it takes to make this loaf of bread you see on the picture above. Add flour to your bowl, make a little mould on top and fill it with the yeast that you pull apart into small pieces with you fingers. Once the whole filled up add a bit of warm water and wait some time. The warm water will dissolve the yeast slowly. You can add a bit of sugar to help the process – it will not alter the taste. Then mix all and add the yoghurt. You’ll see that the dough will feel very slimy and that’s good! Add the salt you want and then start kneading it untill it no longer sticks to you fingers. Leave it to rise as long as you can – if you’re very impatient or hungry even 20 minutes will do. Of course, the longer the better but nobody will blame you for wanting to take the warm bread out of the oven as quickly as possible. I normally pre-heat the oven to 160degrees and cook the bread slowly adding a little pot of water to the oven so it remains humid and sprinkling the bread with water from time to time to get an even crustier crust. Try it out and enjoy!

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